The Frame That Changes Everything

With Hiframe’s innovative designs and superior picture quality, your television is there when you want it and instantly vanishes when you don’t.  

Frame Complete customization. HiFrame offers hundreds of frame varieties for both framed and frame-less design options
Glass HiFrame offers stunning reflective clarity mirrors, as well as the ability to match any RAL color for a perfectly blended design
Tv HiFrames’ luxury frames are designed to be compatible with nearly all flat screen HD televisions
Size The possibilities are infinite! Our skilled team of designers and carpenters have the tools and technology to make your dreams a reality.
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Hiframe Europe - Dibla Design People - 25-27.09.2020

Welcome to the World of TV Design!

Hiframe Europe - DESIGN PEOPLE event coming soon

Our excuisite new item combined with Safretti Magic - Fire. It has to be seen.

Merry Christmas and Happy New 2021!

Merry Christmas and Happy New 2021 to all our custotmers and partners!

HiFRAME and Safretti at IMM Colonge 2020

Check out the latest designs from the HiFRAME and Safretti fireplace collaboration at IMM Cologne Design Show 2020 in Germany. We cant wait to see you at our booth!  When: 13.01-19.01.2020. Where you can find us: Hall 4.2 | Stand B015