What We Do

Hidden Television and Smart Mirror Design

About us

After years of success in Europe and the Middle East, HiFRAME is extremely pleased to enter the global market with its unique and innovative media display solutions. Our highly customizable options for video concealment can accommodate any television display size. Whether it’s our highly popular imported Italian Mirabello Mirror Glass, where the display image completely vanishes, custom colored glass systems, sculptural frames to match a unique design theme and décor, or even a full video wall display.    HiFRAME, and its compelling designs, is you solution for any location in your home, outdoor area, hospitality or commercial projects.


Vanishing Image Technology

Our exclusive Mirabello mirrors, and ultra clear glass, allow for your television when you want it, and to completely disappear when you don't

Unparalleled Quality

Our state of the art production facility and thoughtfully sourced materials provide an exquisite product unique to HiFrame

Full Customization

Limitless sizes, frames, and finish options. HiFrames' skilled craftsman can make your media dreams a reality

Your television, there when you want it...

HiFrame is a luxury media display company that specializes in effortlessly blending your television screen into the background of your home, office, or retail venture. Developed in Italy, our exclusive Mirabello glass and advanced framing methods flawlessly integrate your television into any architectural or interior design feature, including custom mirrors, fireplaces, bathroom or kitchen cabinetry, and back-splashesAnd instantly vanishes when you don't.